Ural region aims at waste-free use of forest resources

Sergey Perestoronin, Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region, held a discussion with representatives of the Ural forestry and timber sector on transition to the waste-free use of forest resources and recycling wood waste as a source of energy.

“The Governor Evgeniy Kuyvashev has set the concrete task to reduce the industry impact on the environment. Today the Sverdlovsk region consumes about 215,000 tons of fuel equivalent annually. Most boiler stations’ efficiency is as low as 50%. Eight stations keep operating on black oil, 391 stations burn imported coal. Transition to the use of renewable energy sources, such as wood waste, will enable us to reduce the number of coal and black oil boiler stations, which will contribute to an improved ecological situation in the region”, Sergey Perestoronin said.

The Minister of Industry and Science emphasized that the share of imported fuel amounts to approximately 78% and its value exceeds 800 million rubles per year. It is reasonable to “keep these funds in the region”, purchasing the fuel from local producers.

According to the Ministry’s estimates, the waste produced by wood enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region equals to twofold volume of fuel equivalent necessary for municipal non-gas boiler stations.

Sergey Perestoronin also said that supporting added-value wood projects is one of the main tasks of the regional Ministry of Industry and Science.

“Just by manufacturing value-added wood goods and recycling wood waste, wood-processing companies would make profit. Creation of relevant production facilities in municipalities would provide new jobs and form new growth points for the Sverdlovsk region’s economy. This is the reason why this task shall be completed under continuous control of local administration heads”, said the Minister.

Based on the information provided by the Information Policy Department of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region.

The issues concerning the reorganization of the Ural forest industry, as well as non-waste use of forest and other resources, will be covered at specialized industrial exhibitions “LESPROM-URAL Professional” and ”UTILIZATION” within GRAND EXPO-URAL, on 19-22 September 2017.

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