INNOVENT presents latest results from joined Russian/German project at LESPROM-URAL

Application-oriented research institute presents latest results from joined Russian/German project at the exhibition in Ekaterinburg. 

The industrial research association INNOVENT e.V. has been doing analysis, research and development work in the fields of surface engineering, magnetic and optical systems and biomaterials for more than 20 years. The institute in Jena has ca. 150 employees, manages various networks and conducts meetings with experts throughout Germany.

Among these expert circles are the user forum Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (ak-adp), the expert conference on surface engineering ThGOT and Inn-O-Kultur. INNOVENT is a founding member of the German industrial research community Konrad Zuse.

On 19-22 September 2017, during the GRAND EXPO-URAL Week in Ekaterinburg (Russia), INNOVENT Technology Development from Jena (Germany) is going to present latest results from a joined research project between Russian and German partners. Aim of this project is to develop technologies to modify surface properties of wood and wood based materials to improve the adhesion of bondings, paints and varnishes, to improve antimicrobial resistance or decrease flammability. These modifications take place by the deposition of thin functional films using non-thermal atmospheric plasma devices, combustion chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) or sol-gel technologies.

To meet INNOVENT, you are welcome to visit the stand of the German House of Research and Innovation at LESPROM-URAL Professional in Ekaterinburg, on 19-22 September 2017.
LESPROM-URAL Professional
19-22 September 2017
Ekaterinburg-Expo, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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Ekaterinburg, Russia

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