Grand Expo Ural

6-8 October 2020, Ekaterinburg

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New «LEUCO nn-System DP FLEX» saw blades to be presented in Ekaterinburg

... have all …
… extremely small chip gullet spaces! And are extremely quiet when idling and
during operation! With a noise level of just around 70 dB(A) when idling, the
wearing of hearing protection is virtually a thing of the past.

They surprise the industry by their ...
… usability in numerous materials.
They impress their users by their …
… super cutting quality thanks to their special hollow back tooth configuration (HR);
Exception: Scoring saw blades: WS tooth configuration.
And to top it off, they are surprisingly thin! The …
… cutting width is a mere 2.5 mm.
The blades generate noticeably …
… lower cutting pressure and therefore also require less power during usage.
The edge lives are measurably …
… longer thanks to the diamond tips.
Users profit from the «LEUCO nn-System DP FLEX» on …
… many types of machines such as table saws and chop saws, vertical panel sizing saws, CNC`s and through-feed installations.
LESPROM-URAL Professional
19-22 September 2017
Ekaterinburg-EXPO, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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