Grand Expo Ural

17-20 September 2019, Ekaterinburg

The exhibitions will start in


First Deputy Governor of the Sverdlovsk region

I congratulate you on the opening of the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions week.

Over the years, GRAND EXPO-URAL has become a notable event in the region’s business life. This is a place for a constructive dialogue between representatives of government, science, financial organizations and business.

In 2018, the exhibitions brought together more than 200 companies from 30 Russian cities and towns, as well as from11 foreign countries (including Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, etc.). Every year the exhibition is visited by more than 7,000 people, 80% of them are professional visitors.

The exhibitions display a wide spectrum of forestry and woodworking equipment, achievements in the forest science, and latest furniture. The business program annually includes events related to the timber based industry, furniture production, public utilities and waste management.

This year, the international matchmaking event during GRAND EXPO-URAL involves international participants including a German delegation of waste management specialists supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The aim of the event is to facilitate business contacts between Ural businessmen and their foreign colleagues.

In addition, GRAND EXPO-URAL will host the 6th Russia’s Logging Championship «LESORUB-2018». Its program is packed with competitions between forestry machine operators. master classes and cultural and entertainment activities.

The championship is a great opportunity to perfect professional skills of Russian timber manufacturers, to attract young professionals into the industry, and to showcase our region and its abundant forest resources.

Besides, one of the highlights of the GRAND EXPO-URAL week is the regional professional skills competition "Glorifying Workmen!" in the Best Woodworking Machine Operator category.

I wish fruitful work, new mutually beneficial contracts and good luck to all participants and guests.

Head of Ekaterinburg City Administration

I am delighted to welcome participants, guests and organizers of four International specialized exhibitions all together – LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION.

GRAND EXPO-URAL - the Week of specialized exhibitions in Ekaterinburg - is a large-scale event attracting a lot of specialists and professionals to the capital city of the Ural region. Without exaggeration, we can call this event an indicator of the current condition of the industry, because every year we demonstrate here our professional successes, achievements and innovations, strengthen existing business relations and build new ones. Moreover, this is an important strategic step in the development of our region.

I wish the organizers, exhibitors, and guests of the exhibitions to have a productive, interesting and creative experience, to successfully implement the set plans and to fortify partnerships!

President of the Union of timber producers and exporters of Russia

Dear participants and guests! On behalf of the Union of timber producers and exporters of Russia, I welcome you to the week of industry exhibitions GRAND EXPO-URAL.

The timber industry is an important sector of the Russian economy. The forest industry has significant potential for its development. At the same time, it has a number of objectively developing competitive advantages, first of all, significant reserves of wood raw materials, availability of qualified personnel, convenient geographical location of the relatively actively developing markets of Western Europe and South-East Asia, as well as the growing demand for high-quality timber and paper products.

However, despite the high potential of the forest complex, the actual indicators of forest management, production and domestic consumption of the main types of forest paper products in recent years do not meet the requirements of effective forest management and forestry production. Russian enterprises of the timber industry require the latest technologies, modern equipment and high-tech machines, new approaches and technologies of waste disposal.

The furniture industry is the most important sector of the Russian timber industry, in which only positive changes occur from year to year. In recent years, the production of domestic furniture is constantly growing, increasing its quality level, improving design, expanding the range of consumer demand and opportunities for different groups of the population.

During the week of industry exhibitions GRAND EXPO URAL these issues will be in the focus of consideration of the participants.

Exhibitions in Yekaterinburg enable its participants and visitors to be aware of new woodworking equipment, new trends in the furniture industry, contribute to the conclusion of profitable contracts, increase the chances of successful promotion of Russian products and increase the credibility of domestic producers.

I am sure that the exhibitors 'participation in the exhibitions «LESPROM-URAL Professional» and «EXPOMEBEL-URAL» will be a real opportunity to Express their prospects, expand the range of new customers, will contribute to the strengthening of business relations between Russian and foreign manufacturers and trading companies. I wish all participants, organizers and guests of the exhibitions success in business and prosperity.

General director of Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia

On behalf of the Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia, I welcome exhibitors, guests and organizers of the International specialized exhibition EXPOMEBEL-URAL in Ekaterinburg.

Russia's furniture industry, having gone through a profound technical re-equipment, mastering new technological methods, searching for reliable partners, investors, dealers, confidently keeps a significant share of the domestic market in today's challenging economic conditions.

The decline in the consumer demand creates new requirements such as the need for lower costs and higher productivity. One of the most important challenges faced by furniture makers is the import substitution.
Certain results in this field have already been outlined – these include specific types of paint and varnish products, components from aluminum, and transformation mechanisms. At the same time, upholstery decorative fabrics, front and fixing fittings, ecological types of paint and varnish materials have yet to be developed.

The comprehensive Event program of EXPOMEBEL-URAL designed for professionals of furniture and related sectors helps to increase the interest in this event and provides an opportunity to discuss and address important issues for the industry.

The qualifying round of the All-Russian competition for the National Award of the Year in the field of industrial furniture design "Russian Cabriole" and selection of candidates will help to define the best between exhibitors.

The Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia congratulates participants, guests and organizers of EXPOMEBEL-URAL on the opening of the exhibition, and wishes you great success at the exhibition and in achieving your set goals.

Head of the Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen! The Federal Forestry Agency welcomes you to the international specialized exhibition of machines, equipment and technologies for the forestry and the woodworking industry LESPROM-Ural Professional-2018.

It is gratifying to see that this Ural region’s largest event for the timber industry professionals gathers around a hundred companies from a dozen of countries each year.

Forest is a unique renewable resource and a strategic basis for the economy. Russian timber industry has an enormous potential, and today the government is taking measures to make it more attractive for investments. Many foreign companies are ready to invest in joint projects. This is a good trend as this enables us to process more timber in the country. You can see it for yourself - this exhibition demonstrates a wide range of Russian and international advanced technologies, logging and sawmill equipment, as well as innovative methods of products use.

I would like to draw your attention to the vast business program accompanying LESPROM-URAL Professional: within three days you will have access to informative seminars and round tables, scientific reports and educational programs. The Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District has invited a special guest - the chief analyst of Roslesinforg, an information system developer, to participate in an extended meeting dedicated to the Ural timber industry. During this meeting you will be welcome to ask all the pressing and pointed questions about the LesEGAIS system. In addition, we will inform you on the state forest inventory results and will assess the effectiveness of forest protection and reforestation works.

Our aim is to preserve and efficiently use forest resources, to promote innovative development of the forest-based industries, to improve the forest management efficiency, to prevent damage from illegal logging, to ensure sustainable waste treatment management and environmental safety of the Ural region.

I wish you all fruitful work, new business contacts, profitable contracts and effective solutions.

Minister of industry and science of the Sverdlovsk region

Dear colleagues and guests of the exhibitions! I am glad to welcome participants, organizers and visitors of the Grand Expo-Ural specialized exhibitions week!

The forest-based sector is a strategic component of the Russian industry and has great importance for the Russian economy development. Annually, new production facilities are brought into operation by timber processing enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region, new types of products are developed, including in the framework of the import substitution program. Products of timber processing enterprises are in great demand among private customers and industries, such as metallurgy, defense, and agriculture.

The Sverdlovsk region has a rich forest potential, which is our competitive advantage. A significant part of the region’s forest resources is allocated for priority investment projects in the field of forest development.

Of course, these projects ensure new, well-paid and highly-qualified jobs, additional taxes paid to the budgets at all levels, as well as a decent life in remote areas.

The exhibition traditionally hosts many events, including the matchmaking event, round tables, consultations, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development dynamics of the timber-based industries, furniture production and public utilities in our region.

I congratulate everyone on the opening of the Grand Expo-Ural specialized exhibitions. I wish you interesting projects, mutually beneficial cooperation and achievement of your goals!

Member of the Council for agro-industrial complex and environmental management
at the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,
President of Rospromeco Forum

Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Sverdlovsk region,
Co-organizer of the All-Russian Congress
«Region’s industrial ecology»

Member of the Expert Council under the Federation Council Committee
on agriculture and food policy and environmental management,
Co-organizer of the All-Russian Congress
«Region’s industrial ecology»

Dear colleagues and friends! The international discussion platform ROSPROMECO has been operating for the third year.

In 2018, the organizing committee proposed new topics for discussion at the All-Russian Congress “Region’s industrial ecology” and three inter-congress events.

Our work was highly appreciated by the Federation Council Committee on agriculture and food policy and environmental management, and it approved the resolution of the third Congress.

At this year’s final inter-congress event, we decided to pay attention to the garbage reform, industrial waste recycling, recyclable materials use, logistics problems associated with these issues, and we believe that currently this is extremely important for all regions of the Russian Federation, including remote areas and Arctic territories, and the sustainable industrial development is directly linked to the solution of these problems.

We welcome you to participate in the conference with the broad mono-theme - "Recycling (processing) of waste – rational resource management" - which will take place on 18 September 2018 within the GRAND EXPO-URAL week.

As always, we are expecting brilliant and convincing inputs from the speakers and enthusiastic discussion from the participants.

Minister of investment and development of Sverdlovsk region

Dear participants, guests and organizers of the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions week!

On behalf of the Ministry of investments and development of the Sverdlovsk region and personally, I would like to welcome you to and congratulate you on the opening of the GRAND EXPO-URAL week.

Year after year, this event, that has already become traditional for our region, has been strengthening international and interregional business ties and promoting modern innovative technologies for the forestry, logging, furniture production, HVAC&R and waste management, which is the more important issue in the environment sector.

In 2018, GRAND EXPO-URAL features more than 200 companies from 30 cities of Russia and 10 foreign countries – Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Belarus, India, etc. During the exhibition, the international matchmaking event will take place where Ural businessmen will meet their foreign colleagues. The event will be attended by the German delegation, including 14 companies specializing in production of waste processing equipment and technologies, as well as representatives of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany (BMWi), the German Embassy in Moscow, the German-Russian chamber of Commerce (AHK), Trade & Invest Agency (GTAI), Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA).

An event-packed program of exhibitions will help participants and visitors to build new and expand existing business contacts, get informed on the development trends of the represented industries.

No doubt, the GRAND EXPO-URAL week will significantly influence the image of our region as a place to host Russian and international events at a high professional level, while the experience exchange with foreign colleagues will help fully reveal the economic and investment potential of the Sverdlovsk region.

I wish you all fruitful work and successful implementation of new beneficial projects!

Director of the Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk Region

Dear exhibitors and guests of the exhibition!

I cordially welcome you as participants at the international specialized exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional. Forestry employees conscientiously guard, multiply and control the rational use of our forest resources.

The total area of the national forest resources in the Sverdlovsk Region occupies 15.2 million hectares. 4.6 million hectares or 29.6% of the total area have been transferred for use for various purposes. The estimated cutting area is 24.1 million cubic meters of timber. In recent years, the development of the estimated cutting area has been in the range of 27%. On leased forest plots, the development of the amount established under lease contracts, accounts for 58%.

A topical problem the Sverdlovsk Region has been facing is the availability of reliable information on how many resources we have and in what condition they are. This information is necessary when we offer forest resources for use, define measures for the protection, maintenance and reproduction of forests, and determine the volume of income to receive from the use of forests on the territory of the region.

The main indicator of the quality and volume of forest reproduction is the introduction of young trees into the category of valuable wooded stands. Over 2009-2016, 203 thousand hectares of young trees were transferred into the category of valuable forest areas in the Sverdlovsk Region.
During that period, the reproduced forest area was equal to the clear-cutting area, which indicates that reforestation measures were effectively implemented.

The specialized exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional gives an opportunity to the authorities and commercial organizations to find common ground and discuss the most important issues. We are given the chance for a constructive exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of forestry.

I wish a creative and productive atmosphere, substantial work, new business contacts and further fruitful cooperation to the participants and guests of the exhibition!

Head of the Representative Office of the Bid Committee EXPO-2025
in Ekaterinburg

The Bid Committee EXPO-2025 in Ekaterinburg is pleased to welcome the organizers, participants and visitors of the international exhibitions Lesprom-Ural Professional, Expomebel-Ural, Aquaprom-Ural and Utilization that take place within the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions week.

Year after year, Ekaterinburg has been surely wining the reputation of the real exhibition center of Russia. Our city hosts many international exhibitions, forums and other events of great importance for the region and the country. Over the last 20 years, the Sverdlovsk region has established mutually beneficial economic relations with 149 countries, which has undoubtedly contributed to a faster economic growth of our region.

Regular and successful experience in the field of organization of international events since 2010 has led the capital of the Urals to becoming a host city of the annual international industrial exhibition INNOPROM. In 2018, this fair brought together representatives from 107 countries and resulted in more than 100 signed contracts and agreements.

We are convinced that organization of the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions that raise topical issues of the forestry, the woodworking industry, the environment and the waste management industry are important steps helping to gain experience and competence which are useful in the competition for the right to host EXPO-2025 in Ekaterinburg.

Dear friends! We were lucky to live and work in this great city, where we, with our own hands, are laying the foundation for the further development of the exhibition activity as a new important segment of the economy of the region and the whole country. The key to successful work in this direction is our cumulative professionalism, cooperation and dedication.

We are rightfully fighting for EXPO-2025 in Ekaterinburg. We are proud to have the Russian Federation’s high trust, and together we are going to do whatever is necessary to make Ekaterinburg a hospitable city to host the universal exposition. Together we will win!

Chairman of the Board of the German-Russian chamber of commerce (AHK)

Dear ladies and gentlemen! It is a great honor for me to welcome you in the framework of our business mission dedicated to waste management technologies at the UTILIZATION exhibition in Ekaterinburg.

The German-Russian chamber of commerce has been supporting German companies interested in business development in Russian regions for many years. Intensive cooperation between Russian and German businesses contributes to new and stronger relations between our countries.

Together with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany, which is dynamically developing export activities, we have organized a business trip to Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk for German manufacturers of waste management equipment and technologies. This is not the first trip to Russia’s regions of this kind. A consistently high interest of both representatives of German and Russian business, shows us that both Russian and German sides are ready further expand and develop the cooperation.

2017 was declared the year of ecology, and by 2019 the Russian government plans to increase environmental protection expenses by 300 million euros per year to amount to 1.3 billion euros (80 billion rubles).

Waste management is a particularly acute topic in Russia. Russian landfills have accumulated more than 100 billion tons of household and industrial waste, which increase by 5 billion tons annually. Almost all waste storage sites are technically obsolete and do not yet have modern environmental solutions. The expertise of German companies specializing in waste processing equipment will help to solve these problems.
The Russian-German chamber of commerce is always ready to provide comprehensive support.

I wish you fruitful and pleasant communication during our event!

Deputy Director of the Sverdlovsk regional business support foundation

Dear participants and guests of the GRAND EXPO-URAL specialized exhibitions week!

It is important for our region that the week of specialized exhibitions is held in Ekaterinburg, at the cutting-edge venue - IEC «Ekaterinburg-EXPO».

It is no coincidence at this very venue during the Innoprom exhibition in July earlier this year, the Sverdlovsk regional business support foundation signed an agreement on cooperation with four clusters of the Sverdlovsk region: titanium, instrument-making, distributed energy and power engineering and construction. Today, many of the participants of these clusters are presented at GRAND EXPO-URAL exhibitions. We hope that these exhibitions will lead to signed contracts and agreements on cooperation with companies from other regions and countries.

Together with Deutsche Messe, which is a co-organizer of this event and an organizer of several other business events worldwide, the International center of the Sverdlovsk regional business support foundation has organized the Matchmaking event for foreign companies in the framework of GRAND EXPO-URAL. At 10:30, on 20 September, we invite all businessmen interested in finding international partners in Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy and Slovenia to take part in the event.

I wish fruitful work, a great deal of negotiations and, of course, new customers to all participants and visitors.

For the purpose of your business development, the Sverdlovsk regional business support foundation is always ready to provide support in various areas: obtaining loans, assistance in entering foreign markets, attracting investments, educational programs and consultations. We are always glad to see You in the foundation!

General director of Deutsche Messe RUS

Dear exhibitors, guests, colleagues!

On behalf of Deutsche Messe RUS, subsidiary of the biggest German exhibition company Deutsche Messe AG, I warmly welcome you at GRAND EXPO-URAL!

Nowadays, GRAND EXPO-URAL is not only the leading industrial event in the region, but professional platform for advantageous contacts and research of different areas of industrial sectors development.

Traditionally, one of the most important parts of GRAND EXPO-URAL exhibition is our business program, which allows to discuss important industry issues, get acquainted with technological innovations, build a full-fledged and effective dialogue between producers and consumers, and establish new business contacts.

I wish the organizers and participants of the exhibition an effective dialogue, realization of ideas and successful business achievements!

Acting Rector of the Ural State Forest Engineering University
President of the Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers

Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!

On behalf of the Ural State Forestry University, and the Ural union of timber manufacturers, I congratulate participants and guests on the opening of the international exhibition LESPROM-URAL Professional!

Here today, we can see a wide range of modern logging and woodworking machinery and equipment for the forest industries. Intensive use of innovative technologies, modernization and technological development of production capacities in the forestry sector contribute to a higher competitiveness of products and make the sector attractive for investment.

The exhibition has become one of the main platforms for discussing the latest achievements in the forestry, as well as for networking and sharing professional knowledge. Its business program highlights the innovative entrepreneurship development, design and implementation of new modern technologies, as well as new forestry jobs. The particularly important focus is the cooperation between the government and small and medium-sized business’ representatives aimed at integrating innovative technologies into production. Much attention is paid to training and retraining, which allows foresters to look confidently towards the future.

I wish participants, guests and organizers to have interesting communication, new contacts, as well as effective activities!

General director
Interregional exhibition company-Ural

Dear colleagues, partners, friends! Interregional Exhibition Company-Ural welcomes you in Ekaterinburg, at the GRAND EXPO-URAL Week!

I am delighted that you, dear exhibitors and professional visitors, have chosen Ekaterinburg as a platform to showcase your achievements, promote latest technologies and products which you have been improving every year.

The international specialized exhibitions LESPROM-URAL Professional, EXPOMEBEL-URAL, AQUAPROM-URAL and UTILIZATION are a great place for a full-scale demonstration of all your successes and achievements.

We thank all the partners and participants of the exhibitions for the considerable support in the organization of the Event program and for the enthusiastic participation in specialized discussions, seminars, conferences, professional skills competitions, championships and contests during the exhibitions.

We are honored to be your business partner, to help you promote your ideas and to facilitate their implementation.

Our 2018 Event program will make your 4-day stay in the capital city of the Ural region efficient and event-packed as you will be busy interacting with your Russian and foreign business colleagues and multiple potential clients.

I wish you all successful and rewarding work, useful contacts, new business achievements and success in reaching your goals.

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