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18-21 September 2018, Ekaterinburg

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2017 – Year of the Environment in Russia

Key theme of GRAND EXPO-URAL 2017

Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation’s President signed a decree to declare 2017 the Year of Environment on the 5 January 2016. The move is designed to attract public attention to environmental problems and to ensure Russia’s environmental security.

2017, declared as the «Year of the Environment in Russia», will be the significant milestone of the execution of the Government program on environmental protection for 2012-2020.

All Russia’s law changes made in previous years and related to the environment shall be implemented in 2017 (according to


  • to improve the overall environmental performance of Russia,
  • to ensure environmental security of the Russian Federation,
  • to involve citizens in preserving Russian natural resources,
  • to develop environmental responsibility of all society segments.

«Today, the talks about environmental issues shall be held in a progressive and practical way, and environment protection activities shall bcome a continuous everyday responsibility of the government at all levels», said Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President.


Adoption of the best available technologies to reduce emissions to the environment
21 large enterprises in 22 regions of Russia have started implementing 64 environment protection measures. The implementation of these initiatives shall be funded on amount of 55 billion rubles in 2017.

Improvement of the waste management system
20 waste landfills will be rehabilitated. Waste sorting facilities, garbage recycling complexes and waste treatment centers will be built up in dozens of regions. New plants for energy recycling of waste will be built using the latest technology. This year, the total amount of financing will reach 54 billion rubles.

Protection of forest resources and reforestation
In 2017, it is planned to restore 800 thousand hectares of forests in Russia. The approximate amount of financing exceeds 10 billion rubles

Protection of water resources in Russia
It is planned to build 26 facilities that reduce the negative impact on water resources. Great attention will be paid to Lake Baikal alone as the program includes 33 events aimed at its protection.

The legislation system will be further improved and new national parks and reserves will be created, faun protection works will be strengthened and regional environmental education programs will be organized throughout the country.

On 19-22 September 2017, in the framework of the GRAND EXPO-URAL Week in Ekaterinburg there will be two specialized industrial trade shows: UTILIZATION, covering the topic of industrial and household waste management, and LESPROM-URAL Professional, dedicated to forestry. These exhibitions will showcase modern technologies and equipment used for enhancing environmental friendliness, recycling, reasonable use of natural resources, energy saving, and, ultimately, for the improvement of life quality without causing damage to the environment.

The Event Program features professional discussions on how to complete Russian tasks in the framework of the Year of the Environment set for industrial enterprises and residents of Russia in 2017, as well as how to preserve Russia's natural resources for future generations. The Event Program is prepared in cooperation with:

  • Forestry Department for the Ural Federal District
  • Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk Region
  • Ministry of Natural Resources of the Sverdlovsk Region

If you would like to organize an event in the framework of GRAND EXPO-URAL, please contact the Exhibition Organizers.


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